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So you are thinking of selling or have already decided to sell your Cyprus property?
Our Company would be only too pleased to advise you on the process and costs involved to sell. It is a straight forward procedure and we will guide you every step of the way.

Selling when you have NO  title deeds

Selling your Cyprus property could not be easier, although you do not need an agent to do this for you, it is always best to have someone who knows what needs to be done to secure that buyer. If only life were as simple as a buyer walking in with a case full of money, but, life is not like that and there are a number of things that need to be done.

First things first though, locate and appoint you chosen agent, if you select us, we would always have a face to face meeting to discuss with you the property, costs involved and any other related business. We will appraise your property and try to arrive at a sensible today market value (mutually agreed upon) in order to attract that buyer.

On commissioning us, we will take photos of your property, a full description and then we proceed to begin its marketing. We do this in a number of ways to maximise the chances of finding a buyer sooner rather than later.

Our marketing policy follows a similar approach as below, but is not an exhaustive list:

Listing on our website

Newspaper advertising

Property Magazine ads

By recommendation through previous satisfied clients

Listing on other paid for websites

Promotion on various Social Media networks

7 days a week service from our sales network to all interested buyers

Agency network of other active agents within Cyprus, Europe and Middle East, Russia and elsewhere

We help the buyer with any banking, legal, developer, or authority issues to ensure a smooth transaction as there are a number of aspects that need to be completed before a sale can be made.

Below is a guideline of the procedures necessary:

(these actions are usually carried out by the lawyer)

1. The seller and buyer draw up an assignment contrast, whereby the seller assigns all his rights and obligations to the new buyer.

2. A tax clearance is secured from the Tax office after any Capital Gains tax has been paid

3. Pay all the property/sewage/Municipal taxes up to date of the cancellation including any common expenses.

5. The assignment contract gets deposited at the land registry under the buyers name.

Selling when you have title deeds

This is even easier as it bypasses the developer, although there is still some work to be done.

– The sellers tax clearance is required, paying any relevent Capital Gains Tax.
– The transfer forms need to be completed
– A trip to the land registry is required to complete the transaction.

Once the sale is compled and the necessary contracts and capital have been made, then, that’s when we get our fee.

Our Policy is  ‘No Sale – No Fee’.