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Cypriot citizenship is a prize many strive to gain since it brings with it numerous but equally important advantages and benefits. Obviously, some of them have already caught your attention, and you are probably weighing the pros and cons of obtaining a second citizenship. Well, we have news for you.

There are no cons – just pros, and below you will find a concise description of the most significant ones.

1. Unlimited Travelling across EU Member-States

unlimited travelling across EU member states

Being able to move across all 27 EU member-states without visa requirements or any limitations whatsoever is undeniably a tremendous financial and professional advantage, along with the elimination of all annoying and time-consuming bureaucratic procedures.

Note also that European citizenship entails several rights and privileges regarding travelling and transportation. For example, should a European citizen gets bedevilled by a major flight delay, the airline is obliged to pay his/her meals and stay in a hotel, and, in some cases, even refund the ticket price. Cypriot driving licenses are also recognised in all EU states.

2. Access to the Best European Schools & Universities

Apart from the highly recognised public universities of Cyprus itself, Cypriots are entitled to enrol in educational courses of schools, colleges or universities of any other state of the European Union, enjoying the same privileges with locals. Since numerous EU states offer free higher education courses to their citizens, one can easily imagine how significant such an opportunity is for youngsters who covet a successful career, either abroad or in their native country.

Equally important is the recognition of degrees, diplomas and other educational certifications among EU countries.

3.  Access to Excellent Healthcare Services

access to excellent healthcare services

In accordance with the recent Directive on cross-border healthcare, EU citizens enjoy several healthcare rights and privileges across the European Union. As is well known, European hospitals and healthcare centres rank among the most advanced in the world, staffed with leading doctors and excellently trained healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, once a citizen obtains the European Health Insurance Card, is entitled to be treated in the same way and at similar cost with those insured in that country.

4. Taxation Benefits

Cyprus stands out even within the European Union for its extremely low and favourable corporate tax rate, making it an ideal place for all sorts of investments and business expansion. Let it be also noted that Cyprus has signed taxation treaties with more than 30 different countries from all over the globe, thus averting the chance of double taxation for citizens with double citizenships.

Moreover, ever since 2004, income from dividends or interests is not subjected to income taxation, and the adoption of EU laws and directives has greatly improved the VAT services and minimised bureaucracy.


5. Excellent Employment Prospects & Conditions

excellent employment prospects and condition

Cypriots, as EU citizens, have extensive rights when it comes to employment in all Member States, whose most significant, of course, is the opportunity to stay and find employment in any EU State, under equal terms and conditions (such as social security, insurance, salaries, minim wages etc.) with the locals, along with their spouses and children, even if they do not have citizenship.

European laws are far superior to those of almost any other region in the world. For instance, in case of redundancy, those employed for 104 successive weeks by one employer come under the protection of the Redundancy Fund, while employees that have worked at least for 26 successive weeks and are unjustly let off reserve the right to receive equivalent compensation by the employer, provided that they have worked.

European citizenship is one of the most sought-after privileges of the modern world. Would you like to see how you can obtain it?

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