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You can find details of the Property Management services offered we offer listed below. Our mission is to “Aim to Please” and we apply a “Right First Time, Every Time Approach”.

All Client data, is held in the strictest of confidence and is not shared with any third party without the written authorisation of our clients. Similarly with keys being held by us, these are not issued to any unauthorised person unless written authorisation from the owners is received.

Key Holding

Is a vital necessity as it enables access to the property for any emergencies or work that needs to be carried out. The Keys will be held in a secure location and will not be made available to any trades people who are not under our supervision (charged at an hourly rate) unless specifically asked to do so, in writing by the owner.

Security checks

For your peace of mind we will carryout a periodical security check on your property (usually monthly, unless more frequent visits are requested by the owner, this will incur additional costs), when it is unoccupied. The check will verify all windows and doors securely closed and locked, no attempt of any break ins (sadly this is also becoming a reality in Cyprus too!) and we will report any maintenance that may need to be carried out during the visits. Additionally we will also check correct functioning of the utilities, electricity and water.

Airing of property

To minimise the effects of any damp or condensation, we will air the property on a periodic basis. The windows and doors will be opened to allow fresh air into the property so that furniture, fabrics and linen remain as fresh as possible. This will be done inline with the regular security checks.

Mail collection, storage or forwarding

All mail will be collected on a regular basis and will be kept until the owner returns or forwarded to a specified address. This will ensure no important mail is lost or weather destroyed by extended periods of absence.

Cleaning before arrival or after leaving

Want to arrive at a clean and fresh property? Can’t be bothered to clean up after your stay, we can do it for you. Further, do you have guests that you want to use your property and want them to arrive to clean accommodation? Again we can take that strain. We will carry out the following:

  • Sweep and mop all internal floors
  • Wipe down all work surfaces and kitchen sinks
  • Cleaning of fridge, cooker, microwave
  • Clean verandahs
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all bathrooms and toilets
  • Dusting and general tidy up.

External Window cleaning

Cleaning of all windows and patio doors externally. Minimises the harmful effects of dust and grime.

Pool cleaning

Pool clean will be carried out on a weekly basis and we will ensure the correct levels of chemicals used. This will prevent the breeding of harmful bacteria accumulating in the pool, and will always remain clean and ready.

Garden watering and / or care

This is a basic weekly watering service and some weeding. If you garden needs much more than this we can arrange for a professional landscape gardener to do whatever you require.

Provide Welcome packs

Do you want to come home to an empty property? No means of a coffee or snack? There’s nothing worse that a 5 hour journey and no chance of a coffee or a bite to eat when you have arrived. Then we can provide a welcome pack to suit the number of persons arriving, just let us know.

Other aspects of work to your requirements

Need anything else not listed? Just let us know, we are very flexible, we will be more than happy to assist you anyway we can to make you life a whole lot easier. You will find our pricing very competitive, just give us a try.

We operate a continuous improvement policy and if you have any suggestions that would improve our service to you, or any issues with the level of service you have received, we would be very happy to discuss these and where appropriate take on board all actions as necessary.